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What's Relationship Coaching
A relationship coach can help you set relationship goals, understand your partner, thrive inside your marriage, grieve a lost loved - one, or take your long- term romance to the next level
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  • You will have the opportunity to share yourself
  • Your pain, your frustration, your joy & sorrow, your confusion…with someone who knows, understands, and lives this pathway.
  • couples coaching, the end goal typically goes beyond open-ended aims like ‘feeling happy’, ‘coming to terms with the past’ or ‘getting closure’. It’s about helping you to get measurable results, sometimes a little bit at a time, to help with the problems that you already know are hurting your relationship – to achieve a brighter future.​​​
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Meet The  Coaches
  1. Ebrahim Makram
    In 2007, Ebrahim began working as a freelance trainer at Soft and Life Skills, offering Development Camping and Experiential Learning activities for Universities, NGO’s and Schools. He also offers freelance professional training for organizations and corporates. Ebrahim is a Certified Practitioner of “Time Line Therapy®” technique at ”Create your future through coaching program”.
  2. Noha Gabr
    My moral in life is BTB "Be Better Than Before." I always strive to develop myself. The sky is my limit. On a personal level I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and a friend. On the academic level, I am a graduate of the American University in Cairo, BA Business Administration, minor psychology. My MBA is specialized in marketing. On a professional level, I worked as a marketeer for the first 7 years of my life. My passion is in helping people.This is where I shifted my career. For the past 11 years, I have been focusing on training and coaching people to develop their interpersonal skills. Currently I am a certified free lance trainer and a certified ICF Relationship coach. Together we can unlock YOUR true potentials, to Create, Achieve and Become what YOU want in life...
  3. Salwa Daader
    ''Life is relationships, the rest is just details.'' Dr Gary Smalley. I am a Certified Relationship Coach. I am passionate about helping my clients live a fulfilled rich life and relationships. I believe that my BSc in Political Science and my BSc in Economics have laid a solid scientific foundation upon which I built my Self-development and Coaching Journey. I have a broad exposure to different self-development programs and workshops. My Child development and self-growth informal training broadened my perspective about life and challenges that people face. Different Creative Art therapy and psychodrama workshops enriched my experience.. My formal training: - A foundation program in life coaching -Certified NLP practitioner INLPTA - Certified Integral Coach from ICI NLP Master practitioner from Wyatt Woodsmall INLPTA -Certified Relationship Coach from Intellect (ICF Accredited program)
  4. Roudy Abbas
    Humans are social creatures thus relationships are the most important aspect of our lives and have the biggest influence on all the other aspects. That’s why supporting you in having a healthy & happy relationship with yourself and your partner is my passion. My aim is to help my clients who include Single adults who are interested in pursuing a relationship or just came out of one and want to start over & couples who are on their way to getting married to reconnect with themselves and their partners and explore their readiness for happy, healthy and strong relationships. Relationships have always been my interest and passion where friends have been asking me for support & guidance but now I will be able to do that professionally, where I completed over 210 hours of life and relationship coaching for ICF (International coaching Federation) certification. In addition to TOT from Dale Carnegie. Prior to pursing my passion in coaching, I have been and still serving in the FMCG sector in multinational companies for over 11 years. Just remember, a healthy relationship will enhance your life and inspire you to be better not complicate your life. You deserve to be happy.
  5. Carine Abdel Aziz
    I am a certified Relationship Coach & a computer science engineer who owned a private business for 13 years. Afterwards; I chose to undergo a career shift towards a field where I can practice my passion rather than only practicing a routine task. Altogether with my love of camping, travelling, sports, yoga & meditation, I have been always fascinated by human relationships & interactions since I was a member in the girls’ guides, back at school and college, where we were formulated to be leaders, helpers & most of all humane activists with solid good morals. This kept being my passion and interest throughout my life till this very moment, & I kept noticing the patterns of relationships in my surroundings starting from my both kids till the people I meet by coincidence. Following this passion, I received my coach certification because I strongly believe that helping others reaching their goals, following their dreams, discovering themselves and leading a beauty-filled healthy life with their partners is a gift that I can not keep for myself. I chose to live my own dream and help others live theirs in balanced respectable relationships.
  6. Dalia Roshdy
    I believe that it’s vital for everyone to live peacefully and happily through balanced life. My real passion is helping others to care about themselves and to discover the best in their lives. Through a professional experience of 11+ years in Human Resources Development as Instructor and Trainer of Management and Soft Skills, I had the opportunity to assist individuals to overcome challenges and develop their personal and technical skills thus enriching their professional experiences. I’m practicing as free-lance Instructor and Trainer through the most recognized entities in the field: AUC, American Chamber of Commerce, and Logic Training and HR development. Guiding people to develop their lives lead me to study “Life Coaching” and succeeded to be Certified Relationship Coach. I’m coaching individuals and groups to explore their potentials and achieve the expected results by helping them to find balance in their lives, improve their relationships, define and reach their goals; in other words “Being Better”. CRC at Intellect Certificates and Post Graduate Studies: TOT at AUC HR Diploma at AUC TTSC at AUC Life Coaching at Intellect
  7. Eman Raafat
    I am a Certified Relationship Coach, Life coach, NLP Practitioner, & Trainer. I believe that a healthy family is the backbone of a healthy society, therefore my main focus is on Parenting and Relationship Enhancement. I acquired my knowledge through attending various parenting courses & programs, Art Therapy, & Psychodrama, along with self-study and respectable personal experiences where I was able to apply what I've learnt and thus turning this theoretical knowledge into a practical life experience. Realizing that it is my passion I started my professional study with NLP, A Mini Master in counselling Psychotherapy from Cairo University, a Certificate in Training from HRD Academy, UK, ICI Coaching Certificate, and finally ICF Relationship Coaching Certificate. I am convinced that each person have enormous dormant resources that can be unleashed through self-awareness & empowerment. And I trust coaching is one of the best, most effective approaches to reach this goal.
  8. Lamia Mohsen
    Lamia Mohsen is a Certified Relationship Coach for Singles, Couples, Couples becoming parents, Individuals going through break-up & Divorce or/ and planning to start over again. Lamia also delivers different relationships management workshops and trainings. Lamia has been a Guest speaker talking about love & relationships in the weekly episode of Radio Masr Café on Radio Masr Channel for 3 months (2015). Lamia wrote several articles in prominent newspapers, i.e. El Ahram El Massai, about relationships: how relationships are affected by Autumn Depression, how limiting beliefs that a person holds negatively affect their ability to receive love and succeed in relationships. Lamia has been a Certified Life Coach for 4 years now. Through these four years, Lamia managed to help many clients accept & love themselves, improve their relationship skills, handle different fears related to commitment & relationships, i.e. commitment fear, fear of betrayal, fear of rejection …etc, get prepared for engaging in a relationship and finding the right partner, handle break-ups & divorces, and above all better know themselves & their needs and better handle their life. Lamia has been certified and exposed to different relationships & human sciences studies: • Certified Relationship Coach (Singles, Couples, and Closure & Starting over) - Intellect • Certified Leader of 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work Book (New York Times Bestseller ) – Gottman Institute • Associate Certified Meta-Coach from The International Society of Neuro-Semantics • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming approved by the American Board of NLP • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming approved by the American Board of NLP • Certified Meta-States Practitioner from The International Society of Neuro-Semantics • Certified Hypnotherapist - The American Board of Hypnotherapy • The Power of Words (Meta Trance) - The International Society of Neuro-Semantics • Emotional Mastery - The International Society of Neuro-Semantics • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy • Personality Healing by Enneagram from Enneagram School of Personality Healing • Certified Basic Pranic Healer from World Pranic Healing Foundation • Certified Advanced Pranic Healer from World Pranic Healing Foundation • Certified Pranic Psychotherapy from World Pranic Healing Foundation • Emo Master Practitioner - The Guild of Energists (London) • Kinetic Healing - Blue Lotus Foundation • Chromatic Healing 1 - Blue Lotus Foundation • Chromatic Healing 2 - Blue Lotus Foundation • Chromatic Relationships - Blue Lotus Foundation • Tab el Beyoot (Feng Shui) - Blue Lotus Foundation • Detox & Anti-aging - Blue Lotus Foundation
  9. Dina Afifi
    I am a handcrafter, baker and knowledge-lover. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and government. I have been working in the field of communication consultancy for two years at the U.N. I have also worked on children’s development programs with the UNICEF. I am a certified Life Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF), NLP Master Practitioner from the American Board of NLP, PEAT Processor and an accredited hypnotherapist from the American Board of Hypnotherapy. I studied counseling and coaching together. I use a variety of approaches to help my clients, depending on individual needs. My experience includes working with couples, clients dealing with divorce, and parenting among other challenges. I preach the importance of body autonomy, self-love, mental health, strong coffee, and even stronger language!
  10. Sara Ashami
    Sara Ashami is professional relationship coach she believes that people raise by lifting others. Sara Ashami coaching style depends on high level of understanding and empathy for her diversified clients. She uses the latest coaching tools & techniques to help (singles/couples) to reach happiness and balanced life Sara's qualifications *Certified relationship coach ICF *professional and motivators analyst TTI *basics of psychology psychealth- IAO **Goal without a plan is just a wish .... Let’s start the journey together
  11. Rasha Fetouh
    My name is Rasha Fetouh. I am an ICF Certified Coach with specialized training in both Life Coaching (CPC program) and Relationship Coaching (CRC program). My former education is French school "delivrande" and then faculty of commerce English section. I came into coaching several years ago and have found it my passion and fulfillment. I love helping people in discovering themselves and what they want to do through coaching. I try to help every coachee to capitalize on their strength points and work on self-love and self-growth. I believe that all great change comes from within. If a Coach is an expert in one thing, that is Change. I have experience this first hand and coach from a place of empathy as I have worked on myself and have changed and continue to change in various aspects. I see that everything is possible and everyone can be a better and happier person.
  12. Fatimah Ghaith
    Certified Life Coach from The International Coaching Federation-ICF Certified Relationship Coach Certified Family Counselor Clinical Training: Gotteman Method Couple Therapy Certified Coach: Live By Design-LBD Young Adults Program “Let yourself become living poetry” Rumi. “From here I have started my Journey in Coaching, searching for a balanced Life. I believe that everybody deserves to live in a harmony from inside out, have better awareness about him/herself to be able to choose his/her own path, partner, job…etc. And have better Quality in his/her Living Journey. Since we are all here to support each other, & I am passionate about knowledge & support Allow me to have all the pleasure to work as a Coach with you : The Carriage that takes you from a place ( you want to leave) to another ( you are targeting).”F.G. Fatimah Assists her clients in identifying what they truly want in their lives. She takes strengths based approach in her coaching; focusing on each client’s unique values to help them understand what is and isn’t lining up with those values. Through powerful questions, she supports her clients in creating goals and strategies for living a life that is genuinely meaningful and purposeful. Prior Coaching Career, Fatimah Occupied Different Marketing positions for 10 years in National & Multinational Companies.
  13. Nermeen
    Nermeen is a graduate of The American University in Cairo, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering. She is a mother of three children aged 13, 11 and 4. Life is about relationships… they can enlighten your life or cause you to miss its essence. Coaching is a journey of awareness. As a relationship coach Nermeen can help you set relationship goals, uncover the essence of what you want out of a relationship and finally enjoy a satisfying relationship. In 2012, she completed an 18-month intensive program in child psychology at Wogoud Centre. In 2014, she successfully completed a one-year life coaching program at Wogoud Centre. In 2016, she earned her ICF (International Coach Federation ) relationship coaching certification from Intellect. Owing to her passion and great love for children, she has been studying and attending various workshops and courses in this field for approximately 10 years. Throughout this time, she has thoroughly enjoyed being an experienced parental coach. She worked as a co-leader in a group therapy for teens. She facilitates workshops for teachers in schools and nurseries. She is a member of EAGT: Egyptian Association for Group Therapy She is also engaged in a one-year Facilitator-Training Program of Story Telling, Drama and Art-based processes for promoting individual health and well being. This program is led by Ben Rivers at Dawar. Nermeen strongly believes that. "The only way to affect change in others is to first begin the change within yourself" Due to this belief she began her coach's own journey towards self-healing and self awareness 3 years ago. This journey has included participating in group therapies, psychodrama, workshops and one-on-one sessions. For her this journey is an ongoing one...
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